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The CCSP and CCSM designations focus on developing customer service leaders
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Keynote, customer service speakers and trainers, service awards hosts, conference facilitators.

Delivering exceptional customer service has now become a core tenet in the mission statements for many organizations. Success in achieving these goals and to continually improve them means functioning at peak levels of service delivery both for the organization and the individual employee.

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The Customer Service Institute of Canada is a national non-profit member association. Our goal is to lead in customer service
  performance and professionalism, and is the first association to promote the practice of Customer Experience Management as a
  recognized professional discipline.

Dedicated to the advancement of an industry association for customer service professionals by providing the environment, knowledge
  and professional development its members need to  develop excellence in the philosophy and practice of customer experience
  management through education, accreditation programs, advocacy, networking, information and research.
Includes customer service industry professionals, practitioners who have the responsibility of delivering the customer experience, and
  vendor sponsors who support the industry with products and services.

Delivers frontline customer service training for organizations, administers the Certified Customer Service Manager, (CCSM) and the
  Certified Customer Service Professional, (CCSP) designations, and participates with The National Service Standard, the first Canadian
  national standard for customer service excellence.

Creates member value and benefits that in turn contribute to creating a stronger trust relationship with Canadian business.

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